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China flag

Index in Focus: China A50

The markets seem to be willing to look past the bout of Covid raging through China at the moment. As a result, traders see an opportunity to buy stocks.

January 6, 2023 07:14 AM
China flag

Index in Focus: China A50

If China continues to re-open its economy, slowly but surely, then the China A50 may continue to move higher as the economy begins to expand once again.

downtrend chart

Index in Focus: China A50

Poor economic data combined with the constant closing and re-opening of certain areas in China have the China A50 on its heels.

September 2, 2022 02:28 AM

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Moderna Q2 preview: Where next for MRNA stock?

Moderna shares have been under pressure this year as interest around Covid-19 vaccines wanes.

Oil takes a hit as recession and Covid fears loom

The German ZEW and the continued on again/off again lockdowns in China are contributing to fears of a global slowdown or recession.

China flag

China set to reopen; Good news for the Yuan?

China is back and looking to move forward. With some help from the government, the trough in the PMI data may be behind us.

June 1, 2022 04:59 AM
China flag

China lockdowns hit PMI data

The lockdowns in China have led to weaker manufacturing and services data. Is this just the beginning or is there more to come?

May 6, 2022 04:21 AM
Gold nuggets

Gold continues selloff as China manufacturing data worsens

Until confidence returns that prices from China will move higher, Gold may begin trading in a range.

May 3, 2022 06:13 AM
China flag

Index in focus: A50 bears in control as COVID spreads in China

Why the COVID outbreak across the country may well get worse before it gets better...

Finger pointing on market chart data

BioNTech Q4 preview: Where next for BioNTech stock?

BioNTech has become a world-renowned name thanks to its Covid-19 vaccine, but how will it perform in 2022 as the pandemic continues to ease?

UK Union Jack Flag alongside some European Union flags

Johnson stays the course with Plan B; EUR/GBP looks sick

If it is true, as Boris Johnson predicts, that the Omicron variant can be contained and there won’t be further restrictions or lockdowns, it should make for a bullish Pound

January 5, 2022 07:21 AM
Feature image of stock market figures and indices

Major indices stacked up their 3rd straight bullish year – Can they make it a 4th in 2022?

Heading into 2022, major indices face several crosswinds that could threaten their recent winning streak...

Market chart showing uptrend

US open: Positive tone on Wall Street ahead of a busy week

Market participants are feeling optimistic at the start of the week, with major indices in Europe rising and US stocks poised to open moderately higher and near record high territory

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December 14, 2021 12:51 AM
Close-up of Union Jack flag

What does Plan B mean for UK markets?

The UK government could be about to trigger Plan B and unleash a new wave of restrictions. We look at how markets are responding and explain how to prepare.

Finger pointing on market chart data

easyJet shares in play as Omicron variant weighs on outlook

easyJet performed better than expected in its recently-ended financial year, but how will it fare going forward now the Omicron variant has plunged the travel industry back into chaos?

Graph showing a slow uptrend

Index in focus: Nasdaq 100 erases Omicron panic drop

After a weekend of research and reflection, the market has determined that Omicron is not (yet) reason to panic...

Downwards trend with red arrow

easyJet FY preview: Where next for the easyJet share price?

A new COVID variant threatens to cast the airline and travel industry back into turmoil as new travel restrictions are introduced. We have a look at what it could mean for easyJet ahead of its annual earnings.

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Downward trend

New COVID strain shakes the market, is it downhill from here?

The discovery of a new COVID strain which could be vaccine resistant has rattled traders. Here we look at which markets have been most affected and what to watch for going forwards.

Oil extraction

“Release Crude from SPRs” trade shifts to “fears of lower demand from covid” trade

Now there are new fears creeping into the markets: that a 4th wave of the coronavirus may be hitting parts of Europe

November 20, 2021 03:08 AM
Close-up of market chart

Moderna: Everything you need to know about Moderna stock

Moderna has risen rapidly through the ranks of “big pharma” companies after winning multiple contracts to produce Covid-19 vaccines for large sections of the world’s populations. But is it profitable and what scope does it have for growth? Read our guide for the full lowdown.

November 4, 2021 03:57 AM
Bank notes of different currencies

10 Central Banks – Where they stand towards normalizing policy

With the world beginning to gain control over the coronavirus pandemic, watch for central banks to continue to normalize monetary policy

September 17, 2021 09:34 PM
multiple currencies

Lower coronavirus cases, higher IMF projections boosts GBP

The IMF upgraded growth for the UK for 2021 to 7%

July 28, 2021 01:52 AM
Japanese Flag

Summer 2020 Olympics kick off! What does it mean for the Nikkei 225 Index?

What if the Olympics turn into a coronavirus super-spreader in Japan?

July 23, 2021 10:00 PM