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EUR/USD Outlook

H1's diverging economic performance on either side of the Atlantic could open up a corresponding divergence in Fed and ECB rate expectations in H2.

GBP/USD Outlook

With elections on both sides of the Atlantic in the second half of the year, politics will play a key role in GBP/USD’s performance over the rest of 2024.

USD/JPY Outlook

The Bank of Japan remains a global outlier with its near-zero interest rates, so it may take a hard landing in the US to unwind the USD/JPY carry trade.

AUD/USD Outlook

AUD/USD’s recent lack of volatility could carry over into Q3, though there are reasons to look for a dip in the Aussie before a potentially bullish Q4.

Gold Outlook

After a strong start to the year, the outlook for Gold remains optimistic heading into the second half of the year, supported by ongoing central bank purchases.

Oil Outlook

The combination of potential interest rate cuts, strong demand, and constrained supply could support oil heading into Q3 and beyond.

Indices Outlook

The performance of the market’s omnipresent obsession with AI as a theme could determine the relative performance of the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq 100.

Bitcoin Outlook

Bitcoin is now in the historically-bullish post-halving window that has marked past bull markets, but not every sign is pointing higher.

Central Banks Outlook

See the expectations for the Fed, ECB, and BOJ...and more importantly, what could drive monetary policy in H2 and beyond!