Trade a wide range of financial markets

As well as forex, shares, commodities and indices you can also trade bonds, interest rates, thematic indices and exchange traded funds (ETFs) with City Index CFDs.

  • Take a position on bonds like UK Long Gilt, Euro Bund and US T-Bonds

  • Speculate on interest rates with tight spreads from 0.02pts

  • Diversify your portfolio with a range of instruments

Why trade other markets?

  • Leverage
    Trade other markets on leverage
    Start trading bonds, rates and other markets with 20% margin, meaning you can open a position with just a fraction of the trade’s value.
  • Markets falling
    Profit from falling markets
    Unlike traditional investing, with CFDs you can profit from falling as well as rising markets.
  • Markets
    Trade a range of alternative markets including government-issued debt and interest rates, to give your portfolio added diversity.

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Powerful mobile apps

Seize trading opportunities with our easy to use mobile apps, with simple one-swipe dealing, advanced charting, and seamless execution. Available on Android and iOS.

TradingView charting

Complete with one-tap dealing, custom indicators, alerts and drawing tools.

Trading Central

Harness the power of technical analysis and access insightful market data on our most popular markets.

Performance Analytics

Gain deeper insight into your trading and discover how you could improve your performance.

Mobile apps

Try a demo account

Practise trading risk-free with $20,000 in virtual funds.

Frequently asked questions

Why trade bonds?

Bonds are a hugely popular market among investors – and can offer some powerful opportunities for traders too. Here are a few reasons to start trading bonds:

  • The high number of trades means bond markets have deep liquidity
  • With CFD trading, you can short bonds if you think their prices will fall
  • Take your position on economic performance and geopolitical risk
  • Diversify your portfolio to spread out your overall risk

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Which market is best for trading?

There’s no best market for trading overall, it all depends on your unique preferences, skills and goals. If you want 24-hour trading with high liquidity, for example, forex might be the best option for you. If you want to trade some of the most-watched markets on the planet, you’d be better off with indices.

For an introduction to all the markets you can trade, head over to the City Index Academy.

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What is CFD trading?

Learn techniques to improve your trading and manage risk effectively with a range of tools.

Economic calendar
Economic calendar
Economic calendar

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Risk Management
Risk Management
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Learn techniques to improve your trading and manage risk effectively with a range of tools.