Russia Ukraine conflict

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National Bank of Poland hike rates to 6%; USD/PLN

The NBP hiked rates 75bps, as expected, as it tries to fight off inflation from rising commodity prices.

European Open: EU bans Russian oil, EUR/GBP perks up ahead of CPI

Oil continued higher overnight has EU members agreed on an embargo of Russian oil. Euro pairs are moving higher ahead of today’s CPI report.

Crude rallies as EU unveils plan to ban Russian oil imports

The plan will see Russian supply of crude oil phased out within six months and crude products by the end of the year

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Can natural gas break to a new high, or is it just hot air?

Natural gas has seen another strong rally, although lower oil prices yesterday saw it falter just beneath a key level of resistance, leaving clues of near-term exhaustion.

Gold tests $1900 as the “peace trade” picks up steam

A close near current levels would shift the near-term technical bias in favor of the bears, with the next support level to watch coming in around $1870...

European Open: Flash PMI and ‘extraordinary NATO meeting’ in focus

It’s debatable as to how important flash PMI’s are ahead of today’s NATO meeting but, as always, any large deviation from expectations usually prompts a market response.

European Open: Sentiment gets another spring in its step ahead of FOMC

Equity markets were higher overnight as ongoing peace talks provided glimmers of hope the war could wind down.

Asian Open: Futures point to a brighter open, commodities lower

Tentative signs that the war between Russia and Ukraine could end sooner than expected and hints of a compromise from Ukraine helped Wall Street bounce overnight.

Index in focus: Four reasons the Hang Seng (Hong Kong 50) is in freefall

As it stands, any bounce in the Hang Seng is likely to be viewed as a selling opportunity for traders as long as the regulatory, pandemic, property, and geopolitical risks remain

What companies have pulled out of Russia following the invasion of Ukraine?

Hundreds of corporations from the US, UK, Europe and beyond are pulling out of Russia in protest of its invasion of Ukraine.

EURUSD rebound under review

For the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, supportive headlines helped the EURUSD finish towards the top of the FX leaders board overnight, behind only the Skandies, the NOK, SEK, and DKK.

Asian Open: UK and US to ban Russian oil, EUR/JPY rises into resistance

In a move that Europe is likely too reluctant to simply wade into, Biden announced that Russian oil is no longer welcome at US ports.

Defense stocks: The so-simple-it’s-obvious trade that may be just getting started

Increased defense spending across the globe provides an obvious, but undoubtedly potent, tailwind for major defense companies, one that is likely to persist for years to come.

Shelling at nuclear plant in Ukraine jolts markets

Reports that a fire has broken out at Europe’s largest nuclear plant in Ukraine has more than set alarm bells ringing.

How will the Russia-Ukraine conflict impact inflation?

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is pushing up prices of everything from oil to food and threatens to derail the global economic recovery from the pandemic.

Asian Open: VIX closes at a 13-month high as Ukraine-crisis intensifies

Russia has stepped up its attack on Ukraine after a convoy of Russian military vehicles over 40 km long reached Kyiv.

EUR/USD: Watch out below if 20-month lows at 1.1125 give way!

The ongoing military clash in Ukraine may soon drive EUR/USD to its lowest levels in more than 20 months

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Index in focus: FTSE 100 outperformance intact, key levels to watch

The current market environment has been a near “perfect storm” scenario for the types of stocks in the FTSE index holds!

Conflict creates volatility for stocks with exposure to Russia and Ukraine

London-listed companies with exposure to Russia and Ukraine have become highly volatile since the conflict between the two countries erupted.

Russia-Ukraine crisis: BP to offload stake in Russia’s Rosneft

BP’s strong relationship with Russia has seen the stock lose ground since conflict in Ukraine erupted last week, while other oil stocks have rallied on higher prices.

Equity markets were rattled by Russia-Ukraine headlines

It was a volatile week of trade amidst the carnage of Russia’s invasion, of Ukraine, and traders would be wise to remain nimble as the situation remains fluid.

European Open: Macron fluffs nuclear-peacock feathers

French President Macron wants Putin that understand that NATO also have nuclear weapons, following a thinly veiled threat from Putin yesterday.

Is WTI Crude Oil on its way to $109?

If price does pullback, it doesn’t mean it can’t go higher later, possibly even towards the double bottom target near $109.