For City Index, it’s essential that we provide the appropriate level of care to our clients. As we understand that sometimes things can happen in life which are out of your control and can affect your personal circumstances, wellbeing or the way that you trade.

We are invested in our clients’ wellbeing and want to know if we can support you in a more effective way, so we encourage you to disclose any relevant information about your personal circumstances.

You can get in contact either by filling out the below form or via any of our other communication channels. Any information provided will be kept in strictest confidence and used as set out in our privacy policy.

Here are some examples of what we think can impact your ability to manage your account.

Life events

  • You retire

  • You suffer a bereavement

  • Your relationship has broken down

  • You are a victim of domestic abuse

Your trading behaviour

  • You have noticed an increase in your trading activity to a level you don’t feel comfortable with

  • You are concerned about how much you think about trading e.g., fixating on bad outcomes, anxiety over open positions

  • You are aware that your trading habits are unhealthy, e.g., placing impulsive trades, risking money you can’t afford to lose

Your financial situation

  • A change in income e.g., you have lost your job, are between jobs

  • You have incurred unforeseen expenses

  • You have long-term debt issues

  • You are struggling due to higher living costs e.g., short term winter energy price rises

  • You are having difficulties with unanticipated rises in monthly living expenses e.g., mortgage rates, travel costs, food prices

Your physical and mental health

  • Physical disability

  • Long-term illness

  • You suffer from addiction e.g., gambling, alcohol

  • A mental health condition

It is possible that you don’t require additional support for years and then, gradually or suddenly, you may be affected in any of the above areas. As it can often be difficult to judge, you might want to be asking yourself some of these questions when deciding whether you want to get in touch.

Life events

  • Has a life change affected my ability to carry out my usual activities?
  • Do I have a good support network in place when I need it?
  • Has a life change had a negative effect on my finances?
  • Am I using unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with negative events?
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Your physical and mental health

  • Am I struggling to carry out tasks which were easy for me before?
  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • Is my work life balance affecting me mentally?
  • Am I taking enough time for myself?
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Your financial situation

  • Have I recently had a significant change to my finances?
  • Can I afford all my usual outgoings, or have I had to make cutbacks?
  • Am I trading with money I can’t afford to lose?
  • Am I stressed or worried about money?
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Your trading behaviour

  • Is trading my number one priority, even over family and friends?
  • Do I take any steps to hide my trading activity from family and friends?
  • Do I experience extreme mood swings when trading or thinking about trading?
  • Am I trading instruments that I wouldn’t usually?
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The products we offer are complex and high-risk so it’s important you fully understand how they work before you start trading and throughout your relationship with us.

We have a range of free educational videos in our Trading Academy and different tools which can help you manage your account. If you’re just getting started, you can open a free demo account to improve your understanding. If you have an account but are reconsidering whether you fully understand the products, please get in touch.

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You may want to seek further advice and support. Some professional resources which you may find useful are listed below:

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