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ECI and PCE are hot for June. What does it mean for the Fed?

Today’s inflation data was higher than expected and the Fed is walking a thin line between lowering inflation and pushing growth lower.

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July 29, 2022 04:43 PM
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Forex and interest rates: how do rate hikes and cuts impact currencies?

Interest rates are an important driver for forex markets so it’s important that traders understand the effects of hikes and cuts on currencies. Let’s look at how interest rates affect currencies and a popular forex interest rate trading strategy.

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Pending Home Sales rounds out weaker housing data in US

If markets see the Fed cutting back the pace of rate hikes, we may see 10-year yields lower, and as a result, housing data may pick up again.

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FOMC recap: Fed delivers 75bps, but Powell throws cold water on hawks

On balance, the Fed chief is coming off as relatively dovish...


AU Q2 inflation surges but fears ease over supersized 75bp RBA rate hike

June quarter Australian inflation data has surged to 6.1%, but below consensus expectations easing fears of a supersized 75bp rate hike when the RBA meets next week.

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Hungary hikes 100bps as inflation continues to climb

One thing the rising inflation doesn’t seem to be impacting is the level of the forint as it continues to weaken vs the Euro.

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July 26, 2022 08:50 PM

FOMC meeting preview: Traders looking for 75bps, Powell’s presser key

If the FOMC does, in fact, opt for a 75bps interest rate hike, Fed Chairman Powell’s accompanying press conference will likely have a bigger market impact than the decision itself...


Q2 Australian CPI preview and what comes next for the ASX200

Tucked in between this week's FOMC meeting, U.S Q2 GDP data, and earnings reports from U.S mega tech is the release of Australian Q2 inflation data

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Mexico CPI continues to rise; rate hikes not helping yet

The headline mid-month inflation rate for July is 8.16% YoY , led primarily by rising food costs. This is the highest level of inflation in 21 years!


Early signs of (dis)inflation continue to appear

Whilst inflation has been hard to ignore, we are now seeing signs that the cooling of inflationary forces are finally showing up in some consumer prices.


European Open: EUR and DAX perk up ahead of ECB, UK CPI beats

UK inflation has continued to surge at a rate that a 50-bp hike now appears the more likely move at the BOE’s next meeting.

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US yield curve sees its deepest inversion since 2000: What does it mean for major markets?

If traders don’t have this scenario in their minds, they’re ignoring one of the biggest risk in markets right now...

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ASX200 Afternoon Report July 14th 2022

The ASX200 is trading 32 points higher at 6654 at 3.10 pm Sydney time.


USD/JPY hits its highest level since September 1998

USD/JPY continues to defy gravity and rose to a multiyear high, with US inflation ripping higher and the BOJ repeatedly broadcasting their ultra-loose monetary policy.

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US open: Futures tumble as inflation keeps rising

US inflation was hotter than expected in June, fuelling aggressive Fed bets. Stocks & gold plunge while the USD soars back over 108.00.

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US CPI preview: Will inflation overshoot again?

Annual CPI is expected to have accelerated to 8.8% in June from 8.6% in May.


European Open: UK data dump, BOC meeting and US inflation on tap

UK data kicks off at 07:00 BST, with final CPI reads for Europe, a BOC interest rate decision and the all-important US inflation report.

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What’s driving the global markets right now?

Everything you need to know about the current economic and monetary policy environment, and what it all means for financial markets

Europe’s woes go from bad to worse

Sharp acceleration in Spanish inflation hit equities and sends EUR/CHF on brink of parity

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US stocks drop as another consumer confidence barometer plunges

The slump in confidence was driven by a plunge in 'expectations' sub-index

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Poor PMIs underpin recession worries

This is the latest macro data to underscore worries about a sharp economic slowdown

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$200bn in collateral damage in one week. What comes next for the ASX200?

Heading into the release of last Friday's U.S inflation data, the market was hopeful that it would confirm that inflation had or was close to peaking. Thereby allowing central banks to ease their foot off the monetary tightening pedal.


A peek at (peak?) inflation

US Inflation may have softened to a degree in April, but traders really want to see further evidence that inflation is pointing lower to call ‘peak inflation’ with more confidence.

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June 9, 2022 08:01 AM