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Commitment of traders report (COT): Copper investors run to the exit

If copper truly is a barometer of economic health, then it is worth noting that large speculators were their most bearish on copper futures since March 2020 last week.

Soured sentiment keeps AUD/JPY on the ropes

Concerns that the US is headed for stagflation weighed on sentiment yesterday, which has placed AUD/JPY back onto our bearish watchlist.

Weekly COT report: Traders flip to net-short exposure on the euro

Traders flipped to net-short exposure to euro futures for the first time since early January last week.

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Futures traders load up on AUD longs (despite falling prices)

With prices falling whilst futures traders increase their bullish exposure to the Australian dollar, we’re keen to see if it can hold above 0.73 and form a countertrend bounce.

Weekly COT report: Gold volumes lower, yen bears dominate

Whilst large speculators trimmed both long and short exposure last week, we continue to suspect gold remains in a corrective move.

Weekly COT report: Fastest pace of AUD short covering since March 2020

Last week, AUD shorts were culled at their fastest pace since March 2020, when eye watering levels of stimulus was rolled out at their height of the pandemic.

Weekly COT Report: Traders abandon the ruble, flock to gold and silver

Traders continued to pile into long bets on gold and silver last week, whilst offshore ruble speculators seemingly ran for cover.

Weekly COT report: Managed funds most bullish on gold since March 2020

Gold is clearly back in fashion thanks to the combination of forthcoming Fed hikes and the Ukraine crisis, with futures markets within easy reach of a record high.

Weekly COT report: Investors kept piling into gold

Gold remained the go-to hedge before Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, and there seems little reason for that trend to change in light of recent headlines.

Weekly COT report: Managed funds most bullish on gold in 3-months

Bullish exposure continues to fall for the US dollar despite the Fed on the cusp of beginning their rate-hike cycle.

Weekly COT report: Net-long exposure to gold fell sharply last week

Given the lacklustre bounce on gold alongside a rise in short bets and closure of longs last week, we retain the view that its recent bounce is corrective.

Weekly COT report: Net-long exposure to the USD fell to a 6-month low

It was the fourth consecutive week that traders reduced their net-long exposure to the US dollar, according to data from IMM (International Monetary Market).

Weekly COT report: Divergences form between FX prices and trader positioning

As the data was compiled ahead of the FOMC meeting its likely there are some distortions in this week’s speculative positioning report.

Weekly COT report: GBP futures on the cusp of net-long exposure

What began as a short-covering rally is now seeing increased bullish activity on the British pound futures contract.

Weekly COT Report: Bearish exposure to AUD hits a new record

AT -91.5k contracts net-short, it is the most aggressively bearish exposure on AUD futures by large speculators on record.

Weekly COT Report: Sterling extends short-covering rally

The British pound was the only major to close higher against the greenback last week, and speculative positioning suggests short covering remains the main driver.

Weekly COT Report: NZD flips to net-short as bulls capitulate

Kiwi bulls appeared spooked last week as we saw gross longs closed at their second fastest rate on record.

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Weekly COT Report: Traders are their most bullish on USD in 2.5 years

The bullish positioning for the US dollar rose to new highs, ahead of Jerome Powell’s hawkish comments last week.

Lumber looks set to build a new rally

Last week fund managers piled into lumber futures at their fastest weekly pace in 19-months. Yesterday prices rose to a key resistance level.

Weekly COT Report: Pound Shorts Intensify

Traders were their most bearish on British pound futures in 17-months, according to last week’s commitment of traders report.

Weekly COT Report: Market Positioning Hintsat Lower Yields

Whilst net exposure to US 10-year treasury notes were at their most bearish level since the Pandemic began, CFTC data shows it is a function of longs covering.

EUR/AUD Reverses at Bearish Target. What Now?

Shorting EUR/AUD has been one of the better performers in recent weeks for bearish traders. Yet yesterday’s rally (its best in 4-months) should serve as a warning.

Weekly COT Report: Bulls Have All but Abandoned the Swiss Franc

The long / short ratio of bulls to bears on the Swiss franc hit a record low last week, which suggests we may be approaching a sentiment extreme for bearish positioning.