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GBP/USD, USD/JPY, VIX, gold analysis from the weekly COT report

Large speculators surged into GBP/USD long bets last week, pushing net-long exposure to a record high and at the fastest weekly pace since records began. They also continued to trim net-short exposure to yen futures for a second week, after it nearly reached a record high of its own.

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EUR/USD, AUD/USD traders flipped to net-long exposure: COT report

Large speculators flipped to net-long exposure to EUR/USD futures after a 2-week hiatus, whilst AUD/USD breached the bullish threshold for the first time in three years according to the commitment of traders report (COT).


Yen, AUD/USD, Gold, Dow Jones Analysis: COT report

Large speculators were on the cusp of reaching a record level of net-short exposure to yen futures last week, whilst they're also getting close to reaching net-long exposure to AUD/USD futures.

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JPY, EUR, CAD, AUD, Crude Oil Analysis: COT report

Large speculators flipped to net-short exposure to EUR/USD ahead of the French election. Open interest on CAD futures fell at its fastest pace in nearly one year as the sentiment extreme we warned of plays out. Net-long exposure to AUD/USD futures fell to a 3-year low, and prospects of net-long exposure are now on the horizon with the potential for an RBA hike.

USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, Crude Oil, Dow Jones Analysis: COT report

Bears were busy last week as they piled into shorts against EUR/USD and the Dow Jones, and also reached a record level of net-short exposure to the Canadian dollar. And this was beneficial for USD bulls.


USD, GBP/USD, Gold, Crude Oil Analysis: COT report

Traders may have reduced net-long exposure to USD futures in aggregate, but they remain net-long and a bullish reversal week formed on the USD index. We also take a look at GBP/USD, gold, WTI crude oil and US indices positioning (S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100).


Gold stabilises above 2300, open interest plunged last week: COT report

A false break of Friday's low appears favourable for gold bulls over the near-term whilst the US dollar remains under pressure. Although looking at the weekly COT report shows that open interest to gold futures plunged at its fastest weekly pace in 18 months last week.

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June 4, 2024 05:52 AM

Significant trading volumes on the VIX hints at cycle low: COT report

When open interest on the VIX rises at its second largest weekly pace on record, it’s best to take notice. Especially when it reached a 5-year low before snapping a 4-week losing streak. We also take a look at positioning on the USD index, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, gold and WTI crude oil.

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USD, CAD, Gold, Copper, VIX, Wall Street analysis: COT report

Asset managers reached a record level of net-short exposure to VIX futures, days before prices fell to a record low. Traders also remain net-long USD despite losses in recent weeks.


Futures traders reduce yen speculation after BOJ intervention: COT report

With asset managers and large speculators trimming long and short exposure to yen futures, their appetite to speculate on the currency appears to be waning after BOJ interventions.


US dollar, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, VIX analysis: COT report

The BOJ's intervention prevented large speculators from reaching a record level of net-short exposure, asset managers continued to trim net-long exposure to the US dollar and US indices and also flipped to net-long the VIX.


EUR/USD, GBP/USD flip to net-short, JPY shorts near record high: COT report

There seems to be no fear in shorting then yen, given large speculators pushed net-short exposure to the second highest level on record last week. EUR/USD and GBP/USD also flipped to net-short exposure.

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EUR/USD, Gold, Crude Oil, 2-year note analysis: COT report

EUR/USD futures traders are on the cusp of flipping to net-short exposure, and managed funds are increasing their short exposure to gold and crude oil.

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US dollar, yen, VIX, gold, crude oil analysis: COT report – April 15, 2024

Net-short exposure to yen futures rose to a 16-year high last week, and now within reach of its record. Asset managers appear to be on the right side of the US dollar trade, with large speculators remaining net-short despite the dollar's rally. Net-long exposure for oil and gold futures continued to trend higher, but neither are at levels which screams sentiment extreme. And asset managers are on the cusp of flipping to net-long exposure to the VIX.


US dollar, EUR/USD, gold, crude oil analysis: COT report

The commitment of traders (COT) report shows how large speculators are positioned across futures markets on the CME exchange.

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April 8, 2024 04:35 AM

AUD/USD net-short exposure reached a record high last week: COT report

An increase of bearish bets against AUD/USD pushed net-short exposure to a record high among large speculators.


GBP/USD hints at sentiment extreme ahead of BOE, FOMC: COT report

With a BOE and FOMC meeting pending and net-long exposure for GBP/USD at or near a sentiment extreme, I cannot help but wonder if the pound it due at least a pullback. I also take a closer look at the US dollar index (DXY), gold and the Nasdaq 100.

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USD/JPY, GBP/USD, gold analysis: COT report – March 11, 2024

The reversal on USD/JPY did not come without warning, as traders had reached a record level of net-short exposure. And whilst USD/JPY may be due for a bounce, further downside potential remains.

USD/JPY, WTI crude oil, gold analysis: COT report

Short exposure to the Japanese yen continues to venture towards the extreme, which suggests USD/JPY could fast be approaching a reversal.

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AUD/USD, US dollar, Swiss franc analysis: COT report – Feb 26, 2024

Traders remained net-long US dollar index futures last week, although asset managers have the more convincing bullish view for the dollar.

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JPY futures near sentiment extreme, USD set to retrace? COT report

With the USD showing signs of a potential pullbacks and JPY futures nearing a potential sentiment extreme, USD/JPY may well struggle to break and hold above 152. EUR/USD also looks set to bounce despite lower net-long exposure, and gold future may struggle to hold above $2000 given the rise in short and trimming of long bets.

EUR/USD, US dollar, Dow Jones, crude oil analysis: COT report

Traders increased their bearish exposure to EUR/USD futures at their fastest pace in 20 months last week, and large speculators increased their net-long exposure to US dollar index futures despite being on the cusp of flipping to net-short exposure the week prior.


USD/JPY, gold, crude oil forecast: COT report – Feb 5, 2024

Bears continued to initiate fresh short bets against the Japanese yen, which points to further potential strength ahead of USD/JPY. Gold bulls trimmed longs for gold futures, and shorts continued to fall for crude oil.