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Gold and silver trading

Speculate on the future price of the world’s most popular precious metals. With City Index, you can trade gold and silver as a CFD, with low fixed spreads from 0.45pts.

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Gold and silver trading platforms at City Index

Web Trader

Trade over 6000 markets on our browser-based platform, complete with customisable workspaces, fast and reliable execution and advanced charts.

Simplicity and speed

Simplify your deal ticket with our exclusive ‘one-click trading’ mode, so you don’t miss out on opportunities in fast-moving markets.

Performance Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your trading behaviour with the new Performance Analytics tool, designed to help you improve your trading decision-making across four key metrics.

Trading Central

Stay ahead of the curve with our technical analysis research portal from Trading Central, helping you to identify potential opportunities.

Web Trader Gold

Mobile trading apps for gold and silver trading

Seize opportunities with our powerful mobile trading apps, complete with advanced charting, custom technical indicators and a range of intelligent trading tools.

TradingView charts

Access the industry-leading TradingView charting package, complete with over 80 custom technical indicators, drawing tools and trading through charts.

One-swipe trading

Open and close positions in seconds directly from charts with one-swipe trading and amend any stops and limits by dragging orders on the chart.

SMART signals

Spot developing trends and trading opportunities with smart signals and in-app market insight.

Mobile apps

How to trade gold

Gold is traded all over the world by speculators, funds and investors who seek to profit from market price movements or hedge against inflation.

How to trade silver

Silver is a precious metal commodity that is widely used as a hedge against inflation or as a safe haven. Discover how to start silver trading, including how to trade silver futures and stocks.

What is gold and silver trading?

Everything you need to know about the precious metals and the differences between them - including how to trade them.

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Forex trading explained
Forex trading explained

What is CFD trading?

Learn to trade gold and silver using CFDs and discover how to open a position on these and thousands of other markets.
Economic calendar
Economic calendar

Economic calendar

View upcoming trading opportunities for the weeks ahead with our economic calendar.
Managing risk
Managing risk

How to manage risk

Learn techniques to improve your trading and manage risk effectively with a range of tools.

Frequently asked questions

What are the trading hours for metals?

You can trade most metals – including gold, silver and platinum – 23 hours a day from Monday morning to Friday, with a break from 06:00 to 07:00 SGT. However, there will be times when precious metal markets are more volatile and liquid than others.

The precise times for each market will vary depending on whether you’re trading its spot or futures variant. You can see a full rundown of the hours for each market on our commodity hours page.

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Can you day trade precious metals?

Yes, you can day trade precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and more. To day trade these precious metals, you need to ensure that you aren’t keeping any positions open overnight – which avoids the risk of overnight gapping and funding charges impacting your bottom line.

CFD trading is a popular way to day trade precious metals. It enables you to speculate on metal prices without ever taking ownership of the markets themselves, and provides access to leverage to make your capital go further – although leverage will also increase your risk.

Learn more about CFD trading on precious metals.

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How do you trade metals?

There are a few different ways to trade metals. Most metals trading in the open market is executed via futures – derivatives that involve trading a metal on a set date in the future at a price set today.

To buy and sell metals futures, you’ll need an account with a futures broker. Or, you can trade on futures prices using CFDs – which enable you to go long or short on metals without ever taking ownership of the underlying asset.

Learn more about how to trade commodities.

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