Thematic Indices

Trade thematic indices CFDs

Use CFDs to trade our range of bespoke indices, designed to help you take a position on emerging trends. Including the AI revolution, FAANG+, Green and Remote Economy giants.

Why trade thematic indices CFDs?


Our thematic indices

Competitive pricing

What moves thematic indices?

Thematic indices markets move according to the price movements of each company in the index. Factors that may impact share prices include:

  • Earnings releases
  • Macroeconomic events
  • Political events
  • Company personnel news

Start trading with City Index and:

  • Choose from 9 unique thematic indices
  • Trade with a margin from just 20%
  • Find out more about thematic indices pricing
Thematic Indices

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Frequently asked questions

What are thematic indices?

A thematic index is an instrument that tracks the performance of a group of companies that all belong to a particular investment theme. These could be based on sectors or certain performance metrics – such as growth.

A thematic index creates the opportunity for traders to get exposure to a number of companies from a single position, taking advantage of ‘trends’ within the economy at large.

With City Index, you can trade thematic indices on:

  • AI
  • FAANG+
  • Remote working economy
  • ESG
  • Green

Learn more about indices trading. 

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How do thematic indices work?

Thematic indices work in much the same way as most stock indices, creating an index value by combining either the market capitalisations or the share price values of all the constituents and dividing it by that day’s divisor.

Each index will have its own methodology to identify companies that belong on the list. The most common is a ‘relevance score’ which assesses how much of the company’s revenue is generated from the business segment. For example, a green energy stock will need to make the majority of its income from renewable energy sources.

Learn more about how indices work. 

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