Rebecca Cattlin

Rebecca Cattlin

Rebecca Cattlin

Financial Writer

Rebecca is a financial writer for and City Index.  She has been writing about derivatives for the last four years.

Rebecca produces accessible, educational content on a range of topics such as options, fundamental and technical analysis, IPOs, stocks to watch and economic events.

She's particularly interested in renewable energy stocks and the trend toward sustainable investments.


Canary Wharf London cityscape at night with HSBC building

What you should know about the 3M spin off

US multinational conglomerate 3M is listing its healthcare business in a bid to streamline revenue and boost investor income. Find out everything we know so far about the 3M spin off.

Close-up of market chart showing downtrend

What are defensive stocks: definition, examples and stocks to watch

Defensive stocks are a popular tool for investors looking to diversify, but are they as useful for speculative traders? Learn everything you need to know about defensive stocks and why traders still choose these low-volatility assets.

Bank notes of different currencies

Forex and interest rates: how do rate hikes and cuts impact currencies?

Interest rates are an important driver for forex markets so it’s important that traders understand the effects of hikes and cuts on currencies. Let’s look at how interest rates affect currencies and a popular forex interest rate trading strategy.

Feature image of stock market figures and indices

eToro IPO: Everything you need to know about eToro

Online social trading firm eToro has terminated its SPAC merger that was planned for this year, but will the company find another way to go public? Discover everything you should know about eToro before its potential IPO.

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July 28, 2022 08:30 AM

What are market trends and how do you analyse them?

Market trends are a cornerstone of most trading strategies, providing key entry and exit levels for positions. Learn about the types of market trends and how to analyse them.


GameStop 4-for-1 stock split: here’s everything you need to know

GameStop announced it will hold its first stock split for 15 years in the aftermath of its meteoric rally last year. Take a look at what the split will mean for shareholders and how it will affect the GameStop share price.

Currency exchange rate board of multiple currencies

EUR/USD parity: what would currency parity mean for traders?

As the euro nears parity with the dollar, it’s sparked conversations over what it could mean for the global economy and FX traders. Learn how the economic theory of parity influences FX trading strategies.

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July 8, 2022 10:00 AM
Downward trend

Economic depression vs recession: how to prepare for financial downturns

An economic depression is more severe and long-lasting than a recession, but both can wreak havoc on financial markets. Find out what the difference between a depression and recession is, and how you can prepare for a longer economic decline.

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Johnson resigns: when will the next UK general election be?

Johnson resigns: when will the next UK general election be?

Chart showing uptrend

Stock market rallies: what are they and what causes them?

A stock market rally is a bullish run, when buyers push prices higher and higher. Find out what stock market rallies and why they happen in both rising and falling markets.

Screen showing share price of 22,450

Canva IPO: Everything you need to know about Canva

Canva’s IPO has been expected for a while, although no plans are set in stone. Discover everything you need to know about one of Australia’s largest start ups before its IPO.

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July 1, 2022 11:15 PM