Amro Zakaria

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Amro Zakaria

Financial Services Industry strategist

Expertise: Financial markets, stocks, commodities, venture capital

Amro is a Financial Services Industry strategist with over 21 years of global markets experience gained during his tenure as a regional and global director of multiple tier 1 publicly traded financial firms as well as his advisory role to multiple star-ups.

Amro works with banks, brokerage firms, family offices, and exchanges that seek his expertise on how best to engage with, and participate in the global markets as investors, traders, or service providers.

Amro is a frequent guest on many of the leading regional and global financial media outlets such as Euro News, Bloomberg, CNBC, AL Arabia, and SkyNews.


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Crude Oil, Gold Analysis: Examining the Impact of the Israel-Hamas Conflict

The impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict impact extends beyond the Middle East, affecting aspects such as oil prices, regional equities markets, currency dynamics, and the precious metals market.

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October 10, 2023 02:54 AM