COVID and trading

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China set to reopen; Good news for the Yuan?

China is back and looking to move forward. With some help from the government, the trough in the PMI data may be behind us.

China lockdowns hit PMI data

The lockdowns in China have led to weaker manufacturing and services data. Is this just the beginning or is there more to come?

IAG Q1 preview: Where next for the IAG share price?

IAG faces a major challenge as it strives to return to profit in 2022 as a myriad of headwinds plague the airline industry.

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Gold continues selloff as China manufacturing data worsens

Until confidence returns that prices from China will move higher, Gold may begin trading in a range.

AstraZeneca Q1 preview: Where next for AstraZeneca stock?

AstraZeneca’s results will benefit from the acquisition of Alexion, but questions remain over its Covid-19 drugs and the outlook in China.

Index in focus: A50 bears in control as COVID spreads in China

Why the COVID outbreak across the country may well get worse before it gets better...

Copper selling intensifies on China

More than 2 years into the pandemic and Covid is still roiling financial markets.

Chinese yuan, stocks and commodities slump

Just when you thought the c-word was no more a thing for the markets…

BioNTech Q4 preview: Where next for BioNTech stock?

BioNTech has become a world-renowned name thanks to its Covid-19 vaccine, but how will it perform in 2022 as the pandemic continues to ease?

Johnson stays the course with Plan B; EUR/GBP looks sick

If it is true, as Boris Johnson predicts, that the Omicron variant can be contained and there won’t be further restrictions or lockdowns, it should make for a bullish Pound

January 4, 2022 08:21 PM

Major indices stacked up their 3rd straight bullish year – Can they make it a 4th in 2022?

Heading into 2022, major indices face several crosswinds that could threaten their recent winning streak...

Asian Open: UK logs first known Omicron death

The United Kingdom has recorded the first known Omicron-related death, as the World Health Organisation warns that variant could pose as a global risk.

US open: Positive tone on Wall Street ahead of a busy week

Market participants are feeling optimistic at the start of the week, with major indices in Europe rising and US stocks poised to open moderately higher and near record high territory

December 13, 2021 01:51 PM

What does Plan B mean for UK markets?

The UK government could be about to trigger Plan B and unleash a new wave of restrictions. We look at how markets are responding and explain how to prepare.

Asian Open: Omicron detected in around one third of US states

Sentiment remained weak on Friday with a soft employment print not helping, although futures markets are lower with reports of Omicron spreading across the US.

Asian Open: Omicron spreads to its 29th country, including the US

The Omicron continues to make waves as it now accounts for around three quarters of cases in South Africa, with the US now reporting its first case.

easyJet shares in play as Omicron variant weighs on outlook

easyJet performed better than expected in its recently-ended financial year, but how will it fare going forward now the Omicron variant has plunged the travel industry back into chaos?

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Risk-off returns as Moderna CEO makes glum prediction

An article in the Financial Times triggered a fresh round of selling before the European open, as Moderna’s CEO predicts vaccines will be less effective.

Index in focus: Nasdaq 100 erases Omicron panic drop

After a weekend of research and reflection, the market has determined that Omicron is not (yet) reason to panic...

easyJet FY preview: Where next for the easyJet share price?

A new COVID variant threatens to cast the airline and travel industry back into turmoil as new travel restrictions are introduced. We have a look at what it could mean for easyJet ahead of its annual earnings.

New COVID strain shakes the market, is it downhill from here?

The discovery of a new COVID strain which could be vaccine resistant has rattled traders. Here we look at which markets have been most affected and what to watch for going forwards.

European Open: Equities broadly lower, GBP/AUD breaks out

US markets are closed just after lunch today. But that is not to say it will be a dull session if price action overnight is anything to go by.