Soft commodities trading

Discover the benefits of trading soft commodities such as coffee, orange juice and wheat on our award-winning platform.
Soft commodities explained

Soft commodities are generally agricultural products that are grown or bred for human consumption, as opposed to those that are mined. Soft commodities are traded on futures markets where people speculate on price fluctuations as supply and demand changes. Examples of soft commodities include coffee, corn, cotton, orange juice, soy bean oil, and wheat.

Major commodities market information

City Index provides clients with the transparent pricing and competitive spreads they need to gain an edge when trading soft commodities.


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How to trade soft commodities

  1. Choose a market
  2. Decide which market you want to trade on using CFDs. We have a huge range of trading tools to find trading opportunities: including advanced charts, SMART Signals and more

  3. Choose the direction
  4. Buy if you think your market will increase in value or sell if you think it will fall

  5. Add a stop loss
  6. Manage your risk with an optional stop loss, which closes your position out if the market reaches your predetermined level

  7. Monitor and close your trade
  8. See your profit and loss updated in real time. Exit your trade by clicking the 'close trade' button

How to trade with City Index

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