CFD trading on shares

Join City Index and go long or short on thousands of global shares like BHP Billiton, Amazon and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Competitive share CFD pricing

Shares CFDs

Why trade share CFDs?

City Index offers a choice of over 4,500 global shares from companies listed on the US, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong stock exchanges.

Ways to trade Share CFDs

Share CFDs are ideal for shorter-term trading on technical levels and market news.

Share CFDs
Market spread only
From $5 per trade on Australian shares
Positions roll over automatically to next trading day
Financing charge
Incurs a finance charge for positions held overnight
A dividend adjustment may be applicable to shares
Profit and loss
P&L crystallised only when positions are closed or partially closed
Why trade share CFDs with City Index

We’re backed by Nasdaq-listed StoneX, a Fortune 100 company with over a century in the financial markets. Combined with our four decades of heritage, you’re in good hands.

Dedicated customer service

With 24/5 dedicated client support, we are always on hand to help – and 99.99% of all valid trades are executed by our market-leading trading technology.

Speed clock

Over 99% of trades are executed in less than a second.


From personalised performance analytics to AI-powered SMART Signals, you have a wealth of exclusive tools at your disposal to maximise your trading potential.

Powerful mobile apps

Seize trading opportunities with our easy-to-use mobile apps, with simple one-swipe dealing, advanced charting, and seamless execution. Available on Android and iOS.

TradingView charting

Access the industry-leading charting package, complete with one-click dealing, 80+ custom indicators, alerts and drawing tools.

Actionable market analysis

Get insightful market data from Trading Central plus receive expert market commentary direct from Reuters in-app.

Performance Analytics

Gain deeper insight into your trading and discover how you could improve your performance.

Multi-device dealing

Manage your trading account across desktop, mobile and tablet without interruption.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a CFD and a share?

A share is a single unit of ownership in a publically traded company. A CFD is a contract that enables you to trade on the price movements of shares – alongside lots of other markets including indices, forex and commodities – without ever owning the underlying asset.

When you buy a single share CFD, it gives you the same exposure as buying one share. Buying one Apple CFD, for example, is the equivalent of buying an Apple share. However, the key difference is that with the CFD you never take ownership of the share itself. Instead, you’re trading a contract in which you agree to exchange the difference in the stock’s price from when you open your position to when you close it.

Learn more about CFDs vs shares.

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Do I pay commission with share CFDs?

Yes, you’ll pay commission to trade any share CFD markets with City Index – unlike all other asset classes, where you’ll pay via the spread instead. This makes the process of buying share CFDs fairly similar to the underlying market.

Our commission rates are just 0.09% on AU markets, 0.1% on European and UK markets or 2 cents per share on US ones. There’s a minimum commission of $5 on Australian stocks, £10 on UK stocks, €10 on EU stocks and $8 USD on US stocks.

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What happens when you trade a share CFD?

When you trade a share CFD, you’re entering into a contract in which you and your CFD provider agree to exchange the difference in an asset’s price from when your position is opened to when it is closed.


Say, for example, that you buy 100 Coca-Cola CFDs at $55, then close your position at $60. You’d exchange the difference between $60 and $55, earning you a profit of $5 for each CFD you bought – or $500 overall. If Coca-Cola had fallen to $52 instead, you’d lose $300.

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