Min. Professional margin rates
Major indices 0.33%
Major FX 0.33%
Commodities 0.67%
Shares 3.33%
Crypto 6.67%

Professional margin rates

Benefit from lower margin rates on thousands of global markets when you start trading as a City Index Professional.

Intelligent margin calculation

When using a stop loss on our Web Trader platform, you may be able to benefit from enhanced margin requirements for certain markets. This means you can place orders with less margin requirement on some of our most popular markets. Please check the market information sheet for more information.

Margin requirement examples 

Market Trade size Opening price Margin required for Professional Clients±
Germany 40 1 CFD 15,000 EUR$50 (300:1)
AUD/USD 1 Lot 0.6700 AU$233 (300:1)
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 1 CFD 100 AU$3.33 (30:1)
Bitcoin $ 1 CFD 27,000 US$1,800 (15:1)

Apply for a Professional Account

  1. Open an account
    Create a City Index trading account
  2. Log in
    Navigate to MyAccount
  3. Select Professional
    Download the application form
  4. Complete application
    Submit any supporting documentation

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Professional Client FAQs

How much margin will I pay to trade as a Professional?

As a Professional client, you’ll pay less margin to open positions than a retail trader. When trading indices, for example, standard accounts are limited to a 5% margin, but a Professional Trader would need just 0.5%.

The City Index Professional client rates are:

Forex 30:1 300:1 200:1
Indices 20:1 300:1 200:1
Share CFDs 5:1 30:1 20:1
Gold 20:1 300:1 200:1
All other Commodities 10:1 150:1 100:1
Cryptocurrencies 2:1 15:1 4:1

As a Professional client, you’ll also get order-aware margin rates on certain markets. This means that by placing a stop loss on an open position, your margin requirement would be reduced.

However, it’s also important to note that you won’t have the same protection as retail traders and your losses will be able to exceed your deposits. This means you should consider your risk appetite, available capital and trading experience before you apply.

Learn more about our pricing and charges.

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What are the margin rates for standard accounts?

The margin rates for standard accounts start from 3.33% and will vary depending on the market you’re looking to trade and your position size. You can find out the specific margin requirements in our platform.

For a rough guide, City Index’s minimum retail client rates are:

CFD margin from
Indices 5%
Shares 20%
Gold 5%
Commodities 10%
Bonds 20%

Although margin means you won’t have to have the full value of your position to open the trade, you should ensure that you have enough funds in your account to cover both margin and losses. Otherwise, you may be put on margin call.

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