Video Strategies for identifying measuring and improving your trading psychology

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Strategies for identifying, measuring, and improving your Trading Psychology

On June 22, we had the opportunity to present a special webinar with Ann Hunt, in which she shared insight from her 10 years Wall St. experience and what she has learnt about the mind of a trader. Throughout the live web chat, Ann discussed various trading psychology topics and strategies to improve your trading results through simple and achievable changes.

Topics include:

  • Using your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage
  • Understanding your behaviour to improve performance
  • How to form sticky habits around your personal biases

Trading on data, not emotion

Many of us are aware of the term ‘emotional trading’, but few are able to recognise it in themselves, especially whilst in the moment. Having plenty of experience from the dealing room, during the webinar, Ann reflects on watching this happen first hand. Being a witness to this several times led Ann to study the reasons why traders do this, and more importantly, how to become more aware of their own patterns from their own trading behaviour.

  • Some of the processes that help traders and are detailed in the webinar include:
  • Understanding what your own KPIs are and keeping to them
  • Learning how to comprehend and measure our biases
  • Recognising what outlaying trades are and the impact they have

How psychology could help your performance

After several years of testing and analysing the patterns and behaviour of traders, Ann has worked with City Index to develop and optimise our exclusive Performance Analytics feature.

This feature helps you use your own strengths and weaknesses to improve your trading behaviour.

Performance Analytics shows you a series of Edges. You can use your unique insights to transform the way you trade.

Psychological Edges

  • Find out how both winning and losing streaks effect your next trade

Strategy Edges

  • Your most traded product might be your weakness

Timing Edges

  • Are you better at market open? Close? Or in quieter times?

By harnessing the Edges that Performance Analytics provides, you can understand your habits and use them to your advantage.

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