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IT Security Policy

At StoneX Financial Pte. Ltd. (“SFP”), we take security very seriously. We strive at all times to ensure that your personal data is protected against unauthorised or accidental access, processing and erasure. We maintain this commitment by using industry standard practices such as data transmission encryption, firewalls and strong authentication mechanisms to protect your personal information.

Online security – your responsibilities

You play an equally important role in ensuring your online security and account information is not compromised. Access to your online account through our Internet trading platform is permitted only through your unique username and password. It is your responsibility to keep this information secure at all times. Here are some useful tips to help you protect yourself when logging into our trading platform and when using the Internet in general.

Password tips

  • Keep your password to yourself
  • Try to make it unique
  • Use a mixture of letters and numbers
  • Use a variety of passwords for different accounts
  • Avoid using personal information that could be easily accessible
  • Do not write down your password; memorise it
  • Change your passwords routinely

If you have any trouble using your password, or suspect that unauthorised access to your account has taken place, please contact us immediately.

Protect your computer

  • Ensure your computer is armed with the latest security features. Microsoft users should visit the Microsoft support website to run a check and download the latest updates
  • Use anti-virus software and regularly update it. Common packages include McAfee and Symantec (Norton)
  • Use a personal firewall. Examples include Zone Labs, Symantec and McAfee
  • Use anti-spyware software, such as McAfee, AdAware or Microsoft antispyware
  • Password protect your computer to prevent unauthorised access
  • Keep your session secure
  • When logging into the trading platform, ensure you are not being overlooked
  • Always remember to log off and close the browser
  • Memorise your account number and password
  • Avoid using public areas such as internet cafes when conducting personal business on the Internet
  • Always log-in to the trading platform directly
  • Always personally and directly enter the City Index website address in the browser address bar - do not log in via any hyperlink within emails


  • Never send sensitive information by email
  • Be wary of opening unexpected email messages, especially those with attachments
  • Review your Internet Service Provider and choose one which offers virus protection against incoming email, if not already included

Online scams

  • Exercise caution and prudence to protect yourself from scams
  • Be wary of:
  • Fake domain names which appears to be City Index’s website
  • False email addresses, logo, graphic designs and/or embedded form on any email (see "Emails" above)
  • "Phishing" - this is an attempt to acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and account details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity, usually in an email