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Golden Refer a Friend
  1. You agree that by participating in the City Index’s “Refer A Friend” promotion (“Promotion”), you will be bound by the terms and conditions (“Promotion Terms”) set out below as well as the general terms and conditions (including any supplemental terms) that apply to your account with City Index (“Our Terms”). Capitalised terms and expressions used in these Promotion Terms shall have the same meaning as in Our Terms unless specified otherwise in these Promotion Terms.
  2. The Promotion is offered by City Index (“City Index”; “we”, “our” or “us”). City Index is the trading name of StoneX Financial Pte. Ltd. (“SFP”) for the offering of dealing services in Contracts for Differences (“CFD”). SFP holds a Capital Markets Services License issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for Dealing in Exchange-Traded Derivatives Contracts, Over-the-Counter Derivatives Contracts, and Spot Foreign Exchange Contracts for the Purposes of Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading.  SFP is a company incorporated under the laws of Republic of Singapore (with company registration number 201130598R) and having its registered office at 1 Raffles Place #18-61, Tower 2, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616. 
  3. To be eligible to take part in the Promotion you must be a “Qualifying Client” or a “Referred Friend” (in each case, as defined herein below).
  4. A “Qualifying Client” means an existing client of City Index who, immediately prior to the commencement of the Promotion:
    4.1. is at least eighteen (18) years of age; 
    4.2. has an open and funded account with City Index; 
    4.3. has an existing demonstrable relationship with each proposed Referred Friend; and 
    4.4. consents for his/her personal data to be disclosed by City Index to a Referred Friend when City Index contacts the Referred Friend for the purpose of this Promotion, 

    each of the following requirements in respect of each Referred Friend: 
    4.5. obtain the consent of the Referred Friend for the disclosure of the latter’s personal data i.e. name, email address and phone number) to City Index for the purpose of this Promotion, and for the marketing of City Index’s products and services to the said Referred Friend; 
    4.6. obtain the consent of the Referred Friend in order for City Index’s representative(s) to contact them via phone and/or email; 
    4.7. inform the Referred Friend that the Qualifying Client is eligible to receive the Referral Bonus (as defined below) if City Index deems that the terms and conditions of this Promotion have been satisfied by the Referred Friend; and 
    4.8. obtain the Referred Friend’s consent to City Index notifying the Qualifying Client whether the Referred Friend in question has satisfied the terms and conditions of this Promotion.  
  5. The “Referred Friend” means an individual who:
    5.1. is at least eighteen (18) years of age; 
    5.2. does not currently maintain a City Index trading account and has not maintained one in the past; 
    5.3. has been referred to City Index by a Qualifying Client via the email referral procedure established by City Index for the purposes of the Promotion; and 
    5.4. is successful in opening a City Index trading account using the email address provided to City Index by the Qualifying Client AND funds the account with a minimum of SGD$2,000 in the manner set out at paragraph 11 below.  

  6. By providing City Index with the personal data of a Referred Friend, the Qualifying Client acknowledges and confirms that the Referred Friend in fact has consented to being contacted by City Index via email and/or phone. 
  7. In the event the Referred Friend fails to register his/her Account Number in the manner directed by City Index, the Referral Bonus shall not be paid to the Referred Friend. 
  8. Subject to these Promotion Terms, if a Referred Friend funds their account to the respective limits set out in paragraph 5.4 and satisfies the Trading Requirement (as defined in paragraph 11 below) in full within the period set out, the Referred Friend in question and the Qualifying Client who introduces him/her to SFP will each have their respective City Index trading accounts credited with: 
    8.1. the Referral Bonus if the Referred Friend funds his/her trading account with a minimum of SGD$2,000 AND satisfies the Trading Requirements set out below 

    Should a Referred Friend meet more than one Trading Requirement, only the highest applicable Referral Bonus shall be payable. For example, if a Referred Client funds their account with SGD$10,000 AND meets both the Refer A Friend Trading Requirement and the Platinum Refer A Friend Trading Requirement, the Referred Client and the respective Qualifying Client shall only be entitled to receive the Platinum Referral Bonus AND NOT both Referral Bonuses. 
  9. The Promotion commences on 20 February 2024 and shall run until 30 April 2024. City Index shall not be obligated to give any notice of its intention to terminate the Promotion and shall be entitled to terminate the Promotion at City Index’s sole and absolute discretion. 
  10. IMPORTANT NOTE: To qualify for the referral bonus, the Qualifying Client MUST complete and submit the “Refer A Friend” referral form available on the City Index website:  
  11. For the purpose of these Promotion Terms:  

    Trading requirements:
    11.1 . Deposit a minimum of SGD$2,000 with City Index;
    11.2 . Execute three (3) qualifying opening trades of CFDs Forex, Equities, Indices, Commodities or Metals within a period of thirty (30) days; 
    11.3 . The referral bonus payable to a Referred Friend is SGD$150;
    11.4 . The referral bonus payable to a Qualifying Client is SGD$300 per Referred Friend;
    11.5 . Referred Friend must not withdraw any funds from the Account for ninety (90) days from the first account funding date.

  12. Bonus will be disqualified for both the Qualifying Client and Referred Friend if there are any withdrawals made within the first ninety (90) days of the Referred Friend’s first fund date.  
  13. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or programs offered by City Index or any other companies within SFP. In instances where a Qualifying Client and/or Referred Friend meets the Trading Requirement for this Promotion and subsequently qualifies for another promotion and meets any requirements in such other promotion during the same period, they shall only be entitled to participate in this Promotion. 
  14. The Promotion is strictly limited to one (1) participating Account per household address. A Qualifying Client is not entitled to refer another family member/spouse living in the same household address as them as a Referred Friend. 
  15. The stipulated trading requirements (set out in paragraph 11 above) must be satisfied by the Referred Friend within the Qualifying Period, i.e. thirty (30) days after the Referred Friend has opened a City Index account.
  16. For the avoidance of doubt, there shall not be any partial pay-outs of Referral Bonus if the stipulated trading requirements have not been satisfied within the Qualifying Period. In such an event, the Referred Friend and Qualifying Client shall forfeit any Referral Bonus and City Index shall not be liable to either the Referred Friend and/or Qualifying Client in any manner for any Referral Bonus and/or loss suffered whatsoever.
  17. The Qualifying Client and Referred Friend will each receive the Referral Bonus into their respective accounts within the first three (3) weeks of the calendar month that follows the end of the Qualifying Period.
  18. Any trades placed using a demo account do not qualify for this Promotion. 
  19. Subject to these Promotion Terms, once a Referral Bonus has been applied to a Qualifying Client’s or Referred Friend’s trading account, the Referral Bonus in question may be retained, converted into cash balance and withdrawn and/or transferred at the Qualifying Client’s or Referred Friend’s discretion.
  20. Clients holding a joint account with City Index shall not be entitled to refer the other joint account holder for the Promotion. 
  21. Each of the Qualifying Client’s and Referred Friend’s respective accounts must be open and not be subject to any dispute with City Index and/or be in default as at the date the Referral Bonus becomes payable to the applicable account. A breach of this paragraph shall disqualify a Qualifying Client and/or a Referred Friend (whichever applicable) from receiving a Referral Bonus.
  22. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these Promotion Terms, City Index shall have the sole and absolute discretion to determine a Qualifying Client’s and/or a Referred Friend’s eligibility to participate in the Promotion and be able to receive the Referral Bonus payouts, including but not limited to whether or not you meet the requirements as a Qualifying Client, whether the Referred Friend has met the trading requirements set out at paragraph 11 above and/or your referral of the Referred Friend is legitimate and not made in bad faith. For the avoidance of doubt, City Index shall have the sole and absolute discretion to (i) reject a Referred Friend as a client without giving any reason whatsoever (ii) disqualify your referral of a Referred Friend and not pay you the Referral Bonus if it and when comes to City Index’s attention that you had procured the Referred Friend(s) through dishonest, illegitimate and/or fraudulent means and/or in bad faith, without giving any reason whatsoever to you.
  23. City Index shall not be liable under any circumstances for any losses whatsoever (including direct, indirect and/or consequential loss of profit) that a Qualifying Client or Referred Friend may suffer as a result of their trading on their account(s).
  24. This Promotion is not intended to influence any of City Index’s risk preferences and/ or investment strategies and City Index accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the same.
  25. Qualifying Clients and Referred Friends must read these Promotion Terms, City Index’s Terms and the risk warnings set out therein carefully. 
  26. The Qualifying Client strictly undertakes not to provide the Referred Friend any form of financial or investment advice, recommendations or opinions or undertake any other activities including but not limited to inducing transactions as defined under “Trading Requirement” that would be considered a regulated activity in Singapore. City Index reserves the sole and absolute right not to pay the Qualifying Client any Referral Bonus whatsoever should it come to City Index’s attention that the Qualifying Client had provided the Referral Friend with any of the said financial, investment and/or trading advice, recommendations and/or opinions to induce and/or procure the Referred Friend to open a trading account with City Index. 
  27. SFP’s employees and agents (and, in each case, their immediate family members (i.e., any person residing in the household of the aforementioned people)) shall not be eligible to participate in the Promotion. 
  28. In the event an individual seeks to take part in the Promotion but does not meet the qualifying criteria set out in these Program Terms, SFP reserves the right (and without prejudice to any other rights under these Promotion Terms or Our Terms), to immediately remove the Bonus from the individual’s applicable account(s). Additionally, SFP reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to disqualify any individual who tampers and/or attempts to tamper who breaches the Promotion Terms or Our Terms. SFP reserves the right to exclude Qualifying Clients from the Promotion if SFP believes that the Qualifying Client has acted in bad faith. SFP also reserves the right not to allocate any Bonus to a Qualifying Client’s account should SFP deem that any trades executed by the Qualifying Client in bad faith and in breach of the Promotion Terms. 
  29. SFP reserves the right to alter, amend and/or terminate this Promotion (or any aspect of it), at any time and/or without any prior notice. SFP’s clients will have been deemed to have been duly notified of such changes to the Promotional Terms upon SFP posting the said revised terms on SFP’s website at SFP recommends you visit SFP’s website from time to time to review the Promotion Terms. By your continued use of SFP’s services, you are deemed to have accepted all revised terms. 
  30. Any dispute arising from this Promotion and/or interpretation of these Promotion Terms shall be resolved by SFP in a manner SFP deems to be the most appropriate to all concerned. In this regard, SFP’s decision shall be final and binding on all parties concerned. No correspondence shall be entered into thereafter. 
  31. Notwithstanding that these Promotion Terms may be translated into a language other than English, the English version of the Promotion Terms shall always prevail in the event of an inconsistency as between the English and translated versions. 
  32. If any term(s) of these Promotion Terms is/are found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, such term(s) shall, insofar as it is severable from the remaining terms, be deemed omitted from these Promotion Terms and shall in no way affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining Promotion Terms. 
  33. The Promotion shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and the Singapore courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter or dispute arising from the Promotion. 

1 as defined in the SFP Customer Agreement.