Metals trading

Discover the benefits of trading metals including gold, platinum and iron ore on our award-winning platform.
Metals explained

Metal prices are driven by many factors, including geopolitical risk, and some are seen as safe havens during times of market volatility. You can buy (go long) or sell (short the market) depending on whether you think the price of a metal will rise or fall.

Major metals market information

City Index provides clients with the transparent pricing and competitive spreads they need to get the edge trading metal.

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Seize trading opportunities with our most easy-to-use mobile app to date – with seamless multi-device functionality, one-swipe trading and advanced charting. Available on Android and iOS.

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How to trade metals with City Index

  1. Choose a market
  2. Decide which market you want to trade on using CFDs. We have a huge range of trading tools to find trading opportunities, including advanced charts, SMART Signals and more

  3. Choose the direction
  4. Buy if you think your market will increase in value or sell if you think it will fall

  5. Add a stop loss
  6. Manage your risk with an optional stop loss, which closes your position out if the market reaches your predetermined level

  7. Monitor and close your trade
  8. See your profit and loss updated in real time. Exit your trade by clicking the 'close trade' button

How to trade with City Index

How to trade gold

Discover what gold trading is, what moves the value of gold and how to trade gold futures, options, spot prices and stocks.

How to trade silver

Learn everything you need to know about trading the precious metal, a popular alternative to gold trading.

What moves the price of gold?

Gold is prized for its stability – when other markets fall, gold can retain its value. But that doesn’t mean it’s free from volatility.

Put our trading platform to the test

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