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Patrick Foot

Financial Writer

Patrick is a financial writer for City Index and He covers stocks, forex, indices, technical analysis and a lot of our educational content. Patrick has been writing about the financial markets for over ten years, with articles in Forbes, Coinbase, Seeking Alpha, The Street and more. If you’re looking to learn all you need to know about an indicator, pattern, market or asset class, his pieces are a great place to start.


Forex correlation: how do currencies align with other assets?

How do forex pairs interact with each other – and with other asset classes such as commodities and equities? Find out in this piece.

June 24, 2022 09:42 AM

What is a fragmented market?

A fragmented market is a sector that has no single clear leader – instead, lots of players fight out for supremacy. Learn all about fragmented markets, and whether they present trading opportunities, here.

June 20, 2022 02:02 PM

Should traders be worried about the ECB and fragmentation risk?

Rising interest rates and the end of bond buying from the European Central Bank (ECB) have led to concerns over fragmentation risk across the single currency bloc. Read on for an explanation of what fragmentation risk is – and what trading opportunities it may bring.

June 16, 2022 11:19 AM

How to day trade forex: Introduction and strategy

Day trading is a short-term trading strategy and involves making trades over the course of a few minutes to a few hours. Here, we look at what day trading is and how it can be applied to forex.

June 15, 2022 10:39 AM

4 benefits of forex trading

Why do people trade forex? Find out here, as we cover the biggest benefits of forex trading: accessibility, liquidity, flexibility and opportunity.

June 6, 2022 09:44 AM

What is a reverse split?

A reverse split is the process whereby a listed company reduces the amount of its tradable stock. If you’re an investor or stock trader, it’s essential to know what’s involved and how a share price can be affected. Read on to find out more.

May 26, 2022 10:37 AM

What is the US Dollar Index and how can you trade it?

The US Dollar Index is widely used as a measure of sentiment toward the US dollar. Discover what the Dollar Index is, which currencies are in the basket and how you can use it to inform your forex trades.

May 17, 2022 03:58 PM

What is market capitalisation, and is it a good measure of success?

Market cap is a measure of a stock’s total value, calculated by multiplying outstanding shares by the current share price. Let’s examine everything you need to know about stock market caps, including the market capitalisation formula, why it’s used and more.

May 16, 2022 10:48 AM

Japanese candlestick patterns cheat sheet

Explore 22 key Japanese candlestick patterns here – including bullish, bearish, reversal and continuation patterns. Plus, how to trade using candlesticks, and more.

Trade the doji candlestick pattern

Doji might be simple candlestick patterns, but they can unlock some powerful strategies. Let’s examine how to trade the doji candlestick pattern.

How to trade the hammer and inverted hammer candlestick pattern

Hammer and inverted hammer candlestick patterns are a key part of technical trading, forming the building blocks of many strategies.