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With an ongoing banking crisis, interest rates and geo-political tensions, the markets look unpredictable this quarter. To help you navigate the volatility, our team of expert analysts have prepared their trading outlooks for the biggest sectors.

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Macroeconomic Outlook

The first half of 2023 went as well as it reasonably could have. Will optimists' luck run out by Q4 or will the global economy continue to defy expectations (and interest rates) with continued solid growth?

Forex Outlook

In the US, all eyes are focused on the conflict between the hawkish Fed and skeptical markets. Could it be a "tale of two halves" for the FX market after strong global economic performance in the first half of the year drove the pound and euro to outperformance, while the yen was stuck in the mud?

Indices Outlook

From the risk of sticky inflation to a slowing economy, it's hard to see global indices continuing to march higher from here...but traders would have said the same at the start of the year, much to their detriment. Will bulls be able to stretch the strong performance through the second half?

Commodities Outlook

Gold tested its record high in the first half of the year before rolling over in Q2. With central banks and ETF flows providing a bid, can the yellow metal make another run at all-time highs? Meanwhile, oil could struggle to form a sustainable rally, especially if demand continues to fall in the second half of the year.

Big Tech Outlook

The first half of the year was characterized by the rise of AI, with technology behemoths evaluating the risks and opportunities brought on by the transformative breakthroughs. One thing is certain: There will be big winners and losers.

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