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Reveal your edge with GamePlan

Do you have a feeling that sometimes you are in the zone, and other times you can't get any decisions correct? GamePlan helps you unravel your key strengths and weaknesses that impact your performance.

  • Discover your strengths
  • Identify your weaknesses
  • Learn from your scorecard
  • Discover your strengths
  • Identify your weaknesses
  • Learn from your scorecard
Put your GamePlan into action
Gain a deeper understanding of your trading with our unique and innovative features.
Your scorecard
Moment of truth – do you hit your Trading Plan metrics? Use scorecard to adjust your plan to achievable goals.
Platform walkthroughs
Trading metrics
Are your metrics showing you spend twice as long in losing trades compared to winning ones? Knowledge is power – measure and adjust your behaviour.
Your edges
GamePlan's unique psychological metrics give you clear paths to change your behaviour.
Analyse numbers
Habits by the numbers
Which habit is your best and which is costing the most money? Prioritise with confidence when you can see cost of emotional trading.
How GamePlan works

Do you perform badly after a winning streak?

Is your first trade of the day rushed to get you into the markets as fast as possible?

Does low market volatility make you trade for the sake of it?

GamePlan gives you these answers, along with a host of other edges.


Discover the features of Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics - Trading Plan
Performance Analytics - Trading Plan

Trading Plan

Take advantage of Trading Plan and the suite of tools from Performance Analytics to track, measure and monitor your trades according to your goals.
Performance Analytics - PlayMaker
Performance Analytics - PlayMaker


Get real-time feedback to make sure you stay on track with your trading strategy. PlayMaker helps you to reduce costly mistakes and improve performance.
Performance Analytics - Review
Performance Analytics - Review


Review is part of Performance Analytics, giving you a comprehensive view of your trading to develop a deeper understanding and how you could improve it.

GamePlan FAQ

How can I access GamePlan?

You can access GamePlan through Performance Analytics by logging in to your platform and selecting Performance Analytics from the tab at the top of the platform.

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How much does GamePlan cost?

GamePlan is free for all City Index traders.

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Are there any tutorials on how to use the software?

Yes, please check out our videos. Inside the Performance Analytics software are tutorials and help articles also.

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Can I export the performance data from PA?

Yes, you can export the trade data into a csv file to use in Excel or other software. To export your data, simply head to the 'Statements' section within Performance Analytics on Web Trader. From here, you can choose the date range of the data you wish to export and hit 'export' to download it as a csv file.

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What if I don’t understand the metrics?

There are help buttons on every screen, with details information on the different metrics.

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What does it mean when it says that there are no clear positive or negative edges yet under psychological edges?

If you can't see any edges or habits, it might be because you haven't closed enough positions yet – Performance Analytics needs a certain amount of data to function. It also could be that we have not yet found statistical significance in your data to highlight a strength or weakness.

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