Referral acknowledgement

I /We confirm that I am/we are aware that we are being referred to StoneX Financial Pte. Ltd. (“SFP”) to be offered services related to dealing in Contracts-for-Difference (“CFD”) operating under the City Index trade name (“Services) and that :

  1. SFP does not provide any financial or investment advice as part of these Services and that I/we will appoint an independent financial advisor under a separate engagement should I/we require such additional services;
  2. I/We are aware that the Referrer is not permitted to provide any investment advice nor inducements on any specific CFD products and the Referrer and SFP operate as independent parties;
  3. I/We are aware that notwithstanding the referral, I/We will still undergo the standard trading account application process before being accepted as a customer of SFP;
  4. I/We are aware that the Referrer is being compensated by SFP for their referral activities; and
  5. I/We are unaware of any legal prohibitions, restrictions or prevailing conflicts of interest preventing me/us to be referred to SFP for these Services