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Stay ahead of the curve with our technical analysis research portal from Trading Central. Identify over- and under-bought markets to spot potential trading opportunities.
What is Trading Central?

Trading Central is a technical analysis portal that harnesses the power of AI to scans thousands of sources for the latest trading opportunities.

Market Buzz

Market Buzz is an award-winning sentiment engine which scans thousands of articles from trusted financial news sources so you don’t have to.

Powered by AI and a language processing tool from TC Labs, Market Buzz reviews over 2,500 publications, social media accounts and blogs for your chosen market, highlighting the pertinent information for that market, making it easier than ever before to gauge market sentiment. Plus, Market Buzz comes with a user-friendly interface, giving you all the sentiment analysis you need.

Incisive technical analysis
Technical analysis tools

Take advantage of an array of oscillators and indicators, and search for emerging chart patterns to identify short- and long-term trading opportunities with our research portal.

Deep insight into your trades

Analyse every trading opportunity across multiple timeframes with suggested stop loss and take profit levels. Explore potential new trades by using the powerful ‘what if’ feature to plan your next move.

Algo-generated stops and limits

The Trading Central algorithm provides suggested stop loss and limit order levels for each trade, helping you minimise losses and lock in profits.

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Defined trend lines

Evaluate potential entry, stop loss and limit order levels with easy-to-use trend lines.

Potential reversals

Assess potential reversals in each trade and see how far a potential pullback could be.

Easy to use

Get quick access to the latest Analyst View for the market of your choice.

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