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Why StoneX?

StoneX Group Inc. (formerly INTL FCStone Inc.) connects clients with global markets across all asset classes – providing execution, post-trade settlement, clearing and custody services through one trusted partner. With subsidiaries that have commodities clearing roots dating back to 1924, we are regulated Futures Brokers in Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Argentina, and comply with regulatory authorities in other countries around the world. StoneX is one of the largest publicly traded non-bank FCMs (NASDAQ: SNEX), which gives transparency to our clients as well as eases the burden of some more-recent banking regulations. Our staff of highly dedicated industry professionals is focused on providing timely and efficient order execution, direct market access, consistent value-added service and precise clearing and reporting. The entire Clearing and Execution management team has direct, hands-on futures industry experience, and is dedicated to delivering superior service and maintaining total accountability.

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Clearing & Execution


As one of the industry’s largest non-bank Futures Commission Merchant (“FCM”), StoneX has the exchange connections and infrastructure to provide clients with a comprehensive array of execution services. StoneX has a robust back-office infrastructure that enables us to manage all our clients’ clearing and allocation needs with the highest degree of efficiency and expertise. We provide clearing services to customers located around the world trading on global futures and options exchanges.


Our global support and services provide:


  • Straight-through processing of futures and options transactions on global exchanges
  • Single currency margining of positions
  • Timely and accurate reporting of transactions, open positions and end-of-day balances
  • Real-time trade file feeds sent via FTP, SFTP or customer-initiated file transfer
  • Accurate processing and notification of deposits and withdrawals
  • Specialised commission structure to best facilitate every customer’s unique requirements
  • A single point of contact for all client-service needs
  • A customisable web-based portal for access to daily and monthly statements, market intelligence, news, real-time activity, margin calls, data exports and historical information. The portal gives clients the ability to monitor their account information and interact with StoneX.


Operational Staff

Our operational team has an in-depth understanding of clearing and execution for listed futures and options, which ensures that we can process trades smoothly for all client types.

Customer Service

We have a second-to-none customer service team in Singapore, and work closely with our international teams in Hong Kong, London and Chicago to ensure optimum customer experience – starting on the first day the customer opens an account.

Risk Management

We have a pro-business risk management team that works with every client individually to provide access to the appropriate limits to best facilitate their trading.

Market Intelligence

We offer in-depth, comprehensive Market Intelligence on a broad range of products directly from our own internationally recognised economists. All information is aggregated on our single platform.

Direct Market Access (DMA)

Sponsored DMA access to exchange APIs for clients with proprietary trading systems.

24hr Desk

Clients can access our 24-hr execution desk, which specialises in serving clients that require an experienced and knowledgeable institutional trading desk.

FIX Connectivity

Order Management System (“OMS”) that allows the trading of futures, FX, and other products to route orders directly to the respective exchanges.

Market Access

Please click into the links below to access the various exchanges’ contracts specification.

Front-End Trading Solutions


Trading Technologies

Stellar Trading Systems


CME Direct

CME Clearport

Bloomberg Tradebook

Bloomberg EMSX

SGX Titan


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What to do when an error trade is made


A Customer who has executed an error trade and wishes to have the trade price adjusted or cancelled (as provided for in the relevant Exchange Error Trade Policy) should report the trade immediately to StoneX Financial Pte Ltd (“SFP”). Only error trades with prices outside the error trade price range are eligible for price adjustment or cancellation.

A trade review administration fee ("Administrative Fee") may be imposed on every request received to adjust the price of or cancel an error trade. If the Exchange deems the error trade to be serious, it may charge a higher amount than the Administrative Fee.

Customers are reminded to take all necessary steps and exercise due diligence in monitoring trades done for any errors. Customers are reminded to take all necessary mitigating actions to minimise the losses suffered.

Customers should refer to the relevant Exchanges websites on the applicable trade error policy.

If your stop orders are triggered by an error trade and executed outside of the error trade price range, you may seek a price adjustment or cancellation as provided in the relevant Exchange error trade policy.

The relevant Exchange may consider the following factors when deciding whether to price adjust or cancel any trade:

1. the difference between the price of the error trade and the preceding traded prices of the Contract;

2. market conditions, including market liquidity in the Contract at the time the error trade occurred;

3. monetary loss involved and the financial impact on the parties if the error trade is or is not adjusted or cancelled;

4. the reason(s) given by the erring party for the error;

5. whether the error trade was caused partially or fully by problems with relevant Exchanges’ systems; and

6. any other relevant factors.

Under ordinary circumstances, there will not be any trade price adjustments if the Customer fails to report it to SFP within the Exchanges acceptable reporting time and for contracts which provide for an outright cancellation, the trade shall remain valid if the Customer fails to report it to the relevant Exchange or if the parties to the trade fail to mutually agree to cancel the trade.