Earn more with Professional cash rebates

Receive monthly cash rebates as a City Index Professional when you meet the qualifying trade volumes across FX, indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities for each month.
Volume FX / Crypto / Commodities** Indices**
Tier 1 $50m - $99.99m $4.50 $3.00
Tier 2 $100m - $299.99m $12.00 $10.50
Tier 3 $300m and above $14.50 $13.00

**Rebate per million (AU $)

Monthly cash rebates

As a City Index Professional trader, the more you trade with us, the more you will receive in monthly cash rebates. All rebates are calculated on a trade volume basis, with a monthly minimum of $50m in traded volume per calendar month.

You will receive monthly rebates on forex (FX), indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities trades according to varying tiers based on your traded volume for that month per asset class. All rebates will be paid into your City Index Professional trading account at the beginning of the following month.

Cash rebate example

You trade a monthly volume of $260m in $150m of FX trades, and $110m in indices.

A monthly traded volume of $260m would qualify you for a Tier 2 rebate:

  • FX trades receive a $12 rebate per $1m traded ($12 x 150 = $1,800)
  • Indices also receive $10.50 per $1m traded ($10.50 x 110 = $1,155)

Your total monthly rebate would therefore be: $1,800 + $1,155 = $2,955

Apply for a Professional Account

  1. Open an account
    Create a City Index trading account
  2. Log in
    Navigate to MyAccount
  3. Select Professional
    Download the application form
  4. Complete application
    Submit any supporting documentation

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Best CFD Provider 2021
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“Best in Class” Overall 2020
Best Platform for the Active Trader 2020
ADVFN International Financial Awards

Professional Client FAQs

How do I qualify for cash rebates?

To qualify for cash rebates, you have to be a Professional Trader and have traded a minimum of $50m in a calendar month on FX, indices, cryptos or commodities.

If you do qualify, you’ll receive monthly cash rebates automatically based on the pay-out level for each asset class you trade.

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How do cash rebates work?

Cash rebates work by taking the aggregate value of all your FX, commodity, crypto and indices trades in a single calendar month – provided you trade a minimum of $50m in the month – and calculating the pay-out level for each asset class.

Let’s say your monthly trading volume is $260m. It is made up of $150m of FX and $110m of indices.

You therefore qualify for Tier-2 rebates:

      On FX at AU$12 per every $1m traded ($12 x 150 = $1,800)
      On indices at AU$10.50 per every $1m traded ($10.50 x 110 = $1,155)

Your total rebate pay-out is calculated as: AU$1,800 + AU$1,155 = AU$2,955

The rebate would be in your account in the first week of the following month. You can contact your dedicated relationship manager for more information.

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