Apply for a Professional Client Account

You can opt-in to be classified as a Professional client subject to review and approval using our quick and easy application form.

If one of the following criteria is met then you can proceed to apply for one of two professional client accounts:

  You have net assets of A$2.5 million, OR

  You have gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least A$250,000

When calculating your net assets remember to include the following: Your home, other properties/land, superannuation, trusts, shares, other investments, savings, value of business, car/boat/other vehicles.

I confirm that I:

a)   know and understand the consequences of consenting to being treated by City Index as a Professional client

b)   consent to being treated by City Index as a Wholesale client; and

c)   know that I may at any time withdraw my consent upon which City Index will cease to treat me as a Professional client from the day that I informed City Index that I was withdrawing my consent.

  Please tick to confirm the statements above

   I confirm I wish to be treated as a Wholesale client as defined in chapter 7 of the Corporations Act (Cth) 2001. I acknowledge and accept that, having opted in to the Wholesale client status, this treatment will apply to all my transactions with City Index if you determined that I qualify as a Wholesale client.

We require a certificate from a qualified accountant, certifying your eligibility to apply for a Wholesale client status as per the selection made on this form. We will contact you with more details if your application is successful.