Do you qualify as a Professional?

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Suitable for highly experienced traders only, a Professional Trader account comes with greater risks involved. To qualify, you need to meet two of three criteria:

  • Place a minimum of 40 significantly-sized trades within the last year
  • Have a financial instrument portfolio of at least €500,000 or equivalent
  • Worked in a professional position in the financial sector (min. 1 year)
Qualification criteria in detail
In order to qualify to become a City Index Professional, you will need to meet at least two of the three eligibility criteria outlined by the FCA. There are no additional costs to change to Professional status.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements of a professional trader?

To qualify as a professional trader, you must meet two of the following three criteria:

  • To have made an average of at least 10 significantly sized transactions per quarter for the last four quarters
  • To currently have a financial portfolio in excess of £500,000 (including cash deposits)
  • To have worked in a professional capacity in the financial sector for 1+ years – the role must have required knowledge of leveraged trading products

Before you consider trading professionally, we’d recommend ensuring that you have strong experience of the markets, a track record of success, enough time to dedicate to trading and a clear plan. A professional trading account gives you access to higher leverage and flexible margins but doesn’t feature all of the protections that come with a standard account – including negative balance protection.

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What are the features of a City Index professional account?

The features of a City Index professional account include margin rates from 0.25%, monthly cash rebates, market execution support, interest-free credit facilities, a dedicated relationship manager and unique fee structures. If you’re eligible, you can open your Pro account here.

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What if I am not eligible to become a professional trader?

If you’re not eligible to become a professional trader, you can still trade with a standard City Index account. You’ll get access to a huge range of tools to help you conquer the markets, including:

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