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What you need to know about the Kellogg three-way split

Kellogg Company has announced a division of its plant-based, cereal, and snacking brands into three new companies. It’s a major portfolio split that shot Kellogg’s shares up 8% on the day of the announcement. Learn more about the split and what impacts you can expect to see on the company’s stock.

June 24, 2022 05:50 PM

S&P500 is the short squeeze over already?

Despite data from China today that showed the Omicron outbreak appears under control and that Chinese economic data may have bottomed, it's been a disappointing day for U.S equity futures, giving back all of yesterday's gains and more

Stocks just can’t catch a break

Looks like markets will fall for 7 consecutive week

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US open Stocks fall, retailers are hit by rising costs

After a strong close on Tuesday, stocks are set to fall on the open today as inflation fears and weak earnings hit market sentiment.

May 18, 2022 01:38 PM

Bausch + Lomb IPO: Everything you need to know about Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb is cleared-eyed and looking toward the future with an IPO that will distinguish the optical health company from its parent organization, Bausch Health. Learn everything you need to know about Bausch + Lomb ahead of its IPO.

SP500 - a dead cat bounce or a stronger recovery Part II?

This morning, the Federal Reserve followed the lead of the ECB last week to deliver a hawkish surprise. The Feds dot plots showed the median dot in 2022 rose to 1.875%, consistent with another six rate hikes in 2022, in line with market expectations.

US open: Stocks rise, producer prices increase again

Stocks edge higher despite US PPI rising to 10%. Russia, Ukraine talks and Chinese lockdowns create a mixed mood in the market.

March 15, 2022 12:58 PM

SP500 - a dead cat bounce or the start of a stronger recovery?

A synchronised "risk-on" move across multiple asset classes overnight, including the S&P500 and oil, based on optimism that Russia and Ukraine may find a diplomatic solution to end the bitter war and that OPEC+ will increase oil supply.

What does todays escalation in Russian aggression mean for 4 key markets - Quick take

News reports that Putin has Authorised Special Military Operation in Ukraine’s Donbass has prompted a rapid repricing in risk assets and safe havens alike this afternoon.

Q4 2021 US Reporting Season Preview

Q4 reporting season picks up speed this evening with reports from financial heavyweights JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Blackrock, before 114 companies report next week. See below the key themes and trends we'll be monitoring.

IPO market outlook: upcoming IPOs 2022 and 2021 in review

The 2021 IPO market saw a record-breaking number of listings and amount of capital raised. Will 2022 follow the trend or has volatility dampened investors’ spirits? See our expectations for the 2022 IPO market, the biggest upcoming listings and a look back at the latest IPOs.

Top US Stocks: Chubb, Tesla and Allogene

Chubb expands in Asia through deal with Cigna, Tesla moves HQ, Allogene’s cancer drug trial is put on hold, Quidel sees demand for its tests rise, Japan orders more Pfizer vaccines, Ford struggles to source materials, and Oatly is upgraded following a heavy selloff.

Politics and stocks, an uneasy relationship

Global stock markets have had one key driver over the last 7-months: politics. The election of Donald Trump last November led to one of the quickest thousand point rallies in a US stock index for 80 years. The political effect has spread to Europe, with the election of Emmanuel Macron in France and Mark Rutte in Holland helping European stocks to play catch up. But, are we seeing the downside of political drivers, and could risk assets be in for a rough time in the future?

US tax plan and protectionist fears upset stock market rally

The US stock market rally paused on Wednesday and even the major tech companies in the US saw stock prices slip, as the market digested Trump’s tax plans and news that the President would formally begin the process to take the US out of the Nafta trade agreement.

FOMC: replay of the December meeting stings the dollar

The FOMC meeting was basically a non-event since the vast majority of the market expected the Fed to hike interest rates. Even the dot plot, […]

Snap, Crackle and Pop?

If you bought shares in Snap during last week’s biggest IPO of the year so far, then you may be wondering why, if you held […]

March 7, 2017 01:15 PM

US stocks: Why things don’t always have to give

There are so many reasons why the stock market, the US market in particular, looks overbought right now. The RSI – the relative strength index […]

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The Trump trade with a twist

The Trump trade is back on as the key US stock indices post record highs as politics and earnings growth boosts the mood in the […]

Big tests ahead for Trump and May

The initial reaction to the first few days of Donald Trump’s Presidency suggests that investors may be losing patience with the new occupant of the […]

January 23, 2017 06:30 AM

TRUMP: Making America Volatile Again

Friday 20th January 2017 will see Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th President of the U.S.A. He has already proved to be a controversial […]

Risk takes a wobble as GBP pressure eases temporarily

Risky assets hit the skids on Monday, as oil, stocks and the dollar all fell in tandem. The notable out-performer was the Nasdaq, the US […]

1 day to go: Clinton’s email woes recede as risk takes off

The news that the FBI has once again found no evidence of criminality in the way that Hillary Clinton dealt with her emails while she […]

Apple, merger madness and UK downgrade fears set the tone

Politics may take a backseat this week while fundamentals steal the limelight. We have a plethora of tech stocks reporting their earnings figures for Q3, […]