Get rewarded for trading Knockout Options

Enjoy a $200 cash bonus when you deposit $2,000 and trade two Knockout Options – for a limited time only.

Plus, you’ll trade with reduced costs for your first 12 months as part of our Welcome Rebate. Get up to $12,000 in costs rebated as cash, starting from your first trade.

What are Knockout Options?

Knockout Options are limited-risk trades with a unique feature – their price moves one-for-one with the underlying City Index price. If the market moves against you and the price reaches the Knockout Level, your trade is guaranteed to close (or be ‘knocked out’) at that price – even during highly volatile markets when slippage can occur.

Enjoy greater flexibility and control

By setting your Knockout Level and trade size, you have complete control over your margin requirement and maximum risk for each trade. Trade with confidence knowing that your potential gains are unlimited, but losses will never exceed initial margin.

An exciting world of opportunity

You can trade Knockout Options across a range of popular FX pairs, global indices and commodities – and take advantage of both rising and falling markets by trading either an UP KO (if your view is bullish and you think the underlying price will rise) or DOWN KO (if your view is bearish and you think the underlying price will fall).

How do I trade Knockout Options?
Open an account
Apply for an account in minutes, or log in if you already have one, and fund it before opening a position.
Choose your market
Select a market from the ‘Knockout Options’ tab on our platform. Choose an UP KO if you think the market will rise, or DOWN KO if you think the market will fall.
Set your Knockout Level
Open the deal ticket and choose your Knockout Level. For an UP KO, the values will be below the underlying price – they’ll be above the underlying price for a DOWN KO.
Place your trade
Enter your trade size to determine your margin requirement, then place the trade. Your position will remain open until you either close it, it expires or the Knockout Level is reached.

Earn cash with Knockout Options

Monthly cashback with our Welcome Rebate

Open a City Index account to automatically join our Welcome Rebate and trade with reduced costs for your first 12 months. Receive up to $12,000 in costs rebated as cash, starting from your first trade with no minimum volumes to meet.


Who is the promotion for?

This promotion is intended for clients new to City Index and existing retail clients who have received an invitation to participate.

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How do I qualify for the promotion?

Open a new account, then deposit S$2,000 and trade two Knockout Options on FX, indices, commodities or metals within the qualifying period of 1 October to 30 November 2022.

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When will I receive my cash bonus?

If you have met the requirements, you will receive the $200 cash bonus within 10 business days after the promotion ends on 30 November 2022. For more information, please refer to the terms & conditions.

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How do I qualify for the Welcome Rebate?

If you’ve opened a new account, you’ll automatically qualify for the Welcome Rebate and Refer A Friend program. T&Cs apply.

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Can I use the cash bonus as trading credits?

The bonus will be added as cash to your account after you meet the promotion’s requirements. You can then use it however you wish - it can be withdrawn, or you can use it for future trading.

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*When compared to the equivalent CFD market